Friday, December 24, 2010

My Love for Star Wars

Well what can I say, I just love Star Wars. As soon as I was old enough my dad brought me into the world of it. Since that time I've been crazed with all of the old parts. Oh and the excitement about the new three parts that came out. It's unexplainable!

Now seriously about the movie.

The original trilogy that came out in the 70's was one of the best technological discoveries or should I say achievements at that time being. George Lucas did a great job, starting from his movie THX 1138. When he got to Star Wars it was remarkable. I can't say too much about the movie except that it is a MUST see. One of my all time fav's. Give it a try =]


  1. Star wars is one of the top trilogies of all time! It changed the world!

  2. Have to agree with you on that one! Cheers!

  3. The old rivalry used to be Star Wars vs. Star Trek. And it seems lately that SW is pulling ahead in the lead. Even while George Lucas does everything he can to screw it up. Poor poor devoted fans.